Ice Machine Maintenance

Your customers expect fresh cold ice, no matter what – even if your ice machine breaks down. At best, a breakdown can mean having to fetch cumbersome bags of ice from the supermarket. At worst, a single ice delivery can cost a larger establishment hundreds of pounds.

Keep your ice machine running, 24/7/365


The truth is that a regularly serviced ice machine should never break down. In fact out of all the ice machines we have installed and regularly serviced from new we have never experienced a single breakdown.


Most breakdowns are caused by neglect. Ice machines can quickly get clogged up with lime scale, mould and slime which don’t just cause damage but which can pose serious health hazards to customers. Indeed a recent survey found that over 60% of all ice machines tested were producing ice deemed unfit for human consumption.



Serviced ice machines produce safe ice! 

As one of the region’s leading ice machine maintenance companies, City-Ice takes its responsibilities very seriously, ensuring that all ice machines serviced by us produce safe clear ice, all year round.


A full annual service can cost as little as £150, the equivalent of just 40p a day – or less than half the cost of a small bag of ice. Considering that a single breakdown could set you back ££hundreds, not to mention the inconvenience and potential health hazards, you can see why more and more establishments are ensuring their ice machines are regularly serviced.

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