Ice Machine Service


Ice machine service / PPM

When you’re paying for regular maintenance, you want to be sure of outstanding service from a recognised company that’s trusted by major ice machine manufacturers.


All maintenance work is carried out by our own skilled engineers who are trained to identify problems long before they become a potential breakdown. This way we can take immediate action - minimising inconvenience, saving you money and prolonging the life of your ice machine.


Whatever your establishment, we offer a range of comprehensive service and PPM packages - from smaller 20kg models through to large 1,000kg models and above. In fact large ice machines are our speciality!


Ice machine sanitisation / deep cleaning

You pay meticulous attention to food storage and preparation – but what about your ice? Ice is officially classed as a food stuff and regular sanitisation ensures that the ice you serve to customers is clear, fresh-tasting and above all, safe.


Ice machine sanitisation is carried out as part of routine maintenance and includes a full strip-down of the machine together with deep cleaning to the highest food safety standards.


Water treatment

Lime scale build-up is one of the biggest causes of ice machine breakdowns. However, with the correct water treatment, up to 90% of breakdowns can be prevented. This is why we always offer water treatment as part of routine maintenance, saving you the hassle and expense of a sudden breakdown.

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